By joining the Children’s Coalition today you become part of a powerful cross-sector, regional alliance of parents and professionals dedicated to working together to identify and address critical issues related to children and families in our community. Your continued support is essential to our ability to meet the specific needs of our community in all four focus areas: Early Childhood, Parenting, Healthy Living and Youth Development.  



Member Benefits

Joining the Coalition not only helps us to meet community needs, but it also provides you with tangible benefits that will help you, your family and your community thrive.Let us know what member benefits are most important to you 

  • Family Membership ($25-$75)
    • You can login to our "Members Only" pages on the website to access to member polls, participate in Legislative and Parenting Forums, and be the first to receive information about important issues and events relating to children and youth.
  • Professional Membership ($100-$250)
    • In addition to accessing our Members Only features, you will receive 50% off our What Works Conference and Parent Speakers' Series, workshops and trainings, and the Outdoor Learning Center. 
  • Community Partner ($300-$450)
    • As a community partner, you can hold meetings in the Coalition Main Hall and Outdoor Learning Center for free and post your events on the community calendar. You can also adopt a raised bed in the family garden and send three employees from your organization at 50% off rate for the What Works Conference and trainings.  
  • Supporting Partners ($500-$1,000)
    • At this highest level of membership, the Coalition provides all the benefits of a community partnersa link to your organization website on their website and includes you as a partner on print media. You can also send five employees from your organization at 50% off rate for the What Works Conference.

Become a Patron


We need you to provide a strong and consistent base of support to meet specific community needs—without having to rely on the agenda of a government funder.

In this way, the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana can fulfill its primary mission of collaborating with partner agencies to identify and address critical issues related to children and youth in our community, facilitating change by bringing together people and programs to meet those needs, and educating parents, professionals and policy-maker on “what works” for children in our community.