“Parents have the most important role in assuring that children thrive.  The parent education focus area provides family support and empowerment through evidence-based parent education programs.” Gatha Green, Parenting Director

The Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana offers a variety of parenting workshops, seminars, and training sessions for educators, childcare workers, custodial and non-custodial parents, extended family members and community volunteers throughout the northeast region.By understanding the growth and development stages of children (infancy through adolescent), parents and professionals are able to model and teach new skills and behaviors, encourage good behavior and most importantly promote a healthy sense of self-worth.


Family Resource Center for Northeast Louisiana

The FRC4NELA is a comprehensive parent support system that provides parenting classes and visit coaching that meet mandated requirements for Department of Children and Families and Families in Need of Services. The FRC4NELA also has parenting and life skills classes for all parents and foster parents. Visit the Family Resource Center page for more information. 


Especially for pregnant teens and teen mothers, this community-based program meets the needs of teens in our community by providing school-based parenting and empowerment sessions that support young mothers as they continue their education. 

To sponsor a pregnant/parenting teen mom or school group, click HERE.

Parenting for All

Group and individual sessions in Nurturing Parenting and Triple P are available upon request by calling the Children's Coalition office at 323-8775. 

To learn more about setting up a professional training for your organization, church, or school, please contact the Children’s Coalition at 318-323-8775 or email our Parenting Education Director, Gatha Green, at