Throughout the year, the Children's Coalition holds several high-profile community-based events that offer an opportunity to showcase your business and/or organization through designated sponsorships. Depending on the level of sponsorship, you will receive recognition in print and media materials, the website and/or the annual report. Visit the Events pages to learn more about annual events like the What Works Conference, Dragon Boat Festival and Fashion Fusion

Sponsoring a particular program that resonates with you is possible through direct program giving. Currently, you can support 2 programs:

1. Jus4Me Teen Parenting Program - Sponsor at the student/teen mom level ($200) or group level ($2,000) for an entire year of evidence-based parenting (Nurturing Parenting -16 week curiculum) through small group settings in local high schools.

2. Signs of Suicide - education and screening is key to preventing suicide among middle/high schoolers. Sponsor mental health screenings for an entire classroom ($250) or an entire school ($3,000).