The Commit to the Brick Capital Campaign is a one-time donation to help us move downtown to our new Downtown location at 117 Hall Street.

Each donation of $1,000 receives a 4x8 brick with a nameplate that will be permanently affixed to the wall in our new lobby. 

Thank you to our generous sponsors: 

You can join them! Gifts are tax deductible and can be paid over two calendar years. Donate online today or call the Coalition at 323-8775.

You can have up two lines of text—one ALL CAPS and one Title Caps (e.g., YOUR NAME, Company Name; FAMILY NAME; Family Members). If the brick is “in honor of” someone, that name will appear above the ALL CAPS name with your name below it.
NAMES on BRICK (ALL CAPS): ___________________________________
Title Caps (optional): __________________________________________________


Learn more about our new building, located in Downtown Monroe at 117 Hall Street.